Judah Creative “Soft Launches” Brand New Website!

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Judah Creatrive New Website
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Judah Creative has a New Website???

It’s been a long time in the making. Running a one-man show doesn’t allow for excessive self promotion, especially when client deadlines abound. But after carving away a few hours here and there (along with a few long weekends) over the past year, the end result is finally here! I’m especially excited that I can finally show all of my work in a nicely organized & custom portfolio, both for my Design Portfolio & Art Portfolio. The fact that it’s packaged in a CMS just makes it even better!

The Daily Doodle FINALLY Gets a Home!

The real icing on the cake, though, is the Daily Doodle. Everyone can relate to doodling…it’s just so…expressive at the core of what’s going on. No criteria, no boundaries, a completely wide open range of possibilities here. The Daily Doodle has existed on Facebook for the past 4 years, or so, and on MySpace before that…but has never had a home. The images remain buried in obscure folders on Facebook and are probably rarely viewed. The idea is to allow the public to get a look behind the curtains of what’s going on in the mind of an artist and designer…and it’s a self imposed deadline for me, so I keep practicing and getting better…every day. Expect daily posts – you never know what you may find!

But Wait, There’s More!

The Blog area of my site will be a place for free downloads, print give-aways, JCS news, tutorials and sharing bits of my experiences as an artist and designer. I plan to post weekly, so stay tuned.

What are People Saying About Judah Creative?

I’m glad you asked! Check out the Testimonials page and see for yourself.

What Is A “Soft Launch”

That just means the site is live but there’s a few things that need tidy’d up before the “hard launch” or when it’s official. It’s kind of dorky, really, but hey, it has it’s place!

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    Kudos Judah! I just spent several minutes exploring your new site and found it exciting. I’m happy you have a place to consolidate your artistic talents. I also think it’s fantastically cool that you’re offering free Micro-textures— because I, too, love them but do not have the camera nor eye to capture them. I look forward to the future of this site. Thanks for sharing!

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