Virtual Product Imaging

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Digitally Test Labels BEFORE Final Design

During product development and design, there's nothing like seeing it on a bottle, especially when you can superimpose it on the shelf next to your competitor!

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Marketing Materials BEFORE Product Launch!

Get a headstart on your marketing campaign - brochures, websites, and promo material long before having the actual product in hand.

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Flawless, Clean & Fresh!

Virtual Imaging is better than real photography, which can reproduce label blemishes, glares and other imperfections that detract from your product looking awesome.

Virtually Instant, Print & Web Ready Product Images – a Marketing Manager’s Dream!

Stunning “virtual products” can be used for any project including:

  • Web graphics
  • Printed collateral
  • Tradeshow and large display graphics
  • Or any marketing project!

Virtual Product Imaging is completely digital.

Think Toy Story. That means there’s no “real” photography of actual product. The entire photo set exists in a virtual, or computer world. I create a digital model of your bottle, digitally wrap it with your label, then take shots (renders) of your product with virtual cameras from any desired angle. The result is razor sharp photos that will cast your product is the best possible light.

3D Rendering Can Handle Virtually Any Product

  • Opaque & Clear Bottles
  • Capsules & Tablets
  • Boxes & Cartons
  • Packets & Baggies
  • Odd-shaped Jars

HOW, you ask, does this AWESOMENESS work???

Email Judah with label files and desired specs (paper airplane going out)
Take a coffee break
Receive perfect product images!