110713 Photoshop Painting Value Study: Scorpion Machine by Judah Fansler, Artist & Owner at Judah Creative, a full service graphic design & Illustration studio near Branson, MO & Springfield, MO
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Photoshop Painting Value Study: Scorpion Tank

Posted by on Nov.18,2013 in Computer Doodle, Daily Doodle with 0 Comments

I’ll admit, I’ve dealt with a share of frustration throughout these Photoshop painting tutorials. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve drawn with “real” pens/pencils for so long or what, but the transition into digital painting hasn’t been an easy one. In any case, this is by no means some sort of finished painting, but rather, the basis, or beginning foundation that would build to a finished painting. The first step is to master value (use of light vs. dark) and composition (intentional arrangement of stuff). Like a backbone, these two must be strong and established before adding color or detail, which really serve as “dressings” to a strong composition.

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