102213 Flying Worm - Comp Study: Final by Judah Fansler, Artist & Owner at Judah Creative, a full service graphic design & Illustration studio near Branson, MO & Springfield, MO
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Composition Study: Flying Worm Final

Posted by on Nov.11,2013 in Daily Doodle, Ink Doodle with 0 Comments

Along the lines of the composition and visual story telling studies, here is the final ballpoint pen sketch of the Flying worms. The trick is to employee the correct values, darker for closer objects, and lighter for far away objects, then everything in between. That, and a compelling layout which tells a story. It must “read” in black and white, long before color is introduced.

My challenge is converting this to digital painting. I’m very comfortable with my “real” drawing instruments. Even though I’ve been using my Wacom tablet for years, it still feels clumsy and awkward. The plan is to convert this flying worm scene into a photoshop painting. We’ll see!

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