112113 Black Stallion by Judah Fansler, Artist & Owner at Judah Creative, a full service graphic design & Illustration studio near Branson, MO & Springfield, MO
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Charcoal Sketch: Black Stallion

Posted by on Nov.25,2013 in Charcoal Doodle, Daily Doodle with 0 Comments

I am teaching proportions in my drawing class and this is a class demo, charcoal on newsprint. I explained how useful it is to see the subject in terms of large shapes first, ignoring all detail. Good form and structure is crucial to a good drawing. The details are just dressing on either a well or poorly done underlying structure. This is one of the most difficult concepts for new drawing students to grasp. Most think good drawing = good details. While detail is important, overall proportions, angles, shapes, and the like, must come first.

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