3D Render Test of a Whiskey Bottle by Judah Creative
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3D Rendering: Virtual Imaging Test: Whiskey Bottle

Posted by on Jul.11,2013 in 3D Doodle, Daily Doodle with 0 Comments

I haven’t broadened my horizons in the 3D rendering world for awhile, so I learned how to do a square glass bottle full of colored liquid for the Daily Doodle. Whiskey seemed like a good candidate! Don’t worry, there isn’t a real brand called “Brand”.And there may not be an existing whiskey  that is simply delicious, but the words looked good on the label :)

Better Than Real Photography!

If you’re looking for razor sharp, sexy images of your product, 3D virtual imaging is the way to go! It looks better than real photography because we’re not taking close up photos of a paper label that could be mis-registered or blemished. I’ve done hundreds of 3D renders in the Natural Products industry, but this technology works for virtually any product.

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