Free High Rez Texture Download: Dry Grass, Leaves, Gravel and Dirt

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Free Texture Download: Dry grass leaves dirt by Judah Fansler, Artist & Owner at Judah Creative, a full service graphic design & Illustration studio near Branson, MO
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I took this photo in late summer. I actually used it in this Daily Doodle Post for a background texture. I will also have a Youtube Video time lapse posted soon with this illustration.

Free Graphic Design Resource Downloads For Everyone

As a Graphic Designer I know how fun and useful free design resources can be on the fly…so I say, free high resolution texture downloads for everyone! That’s right. 24 Megapixels of pure texture love for free! Stop by on FREE Texture Tuesdays for more free high resolution texture downloads.

Click on the thumbnail below to download the full sized image:

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